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Heritage ‘Mana’

In Malayalam, Mana means home of Kerala Brahmins. Manas used to belong to the priestly Brahmin caste of Kerala, namely Namboothiris. The Village has 2 heritage Manas.

The walls and ceiling are completely of wood. The characteristic pattern of wood work is termed ‘Ara & Nira’. There are 3 bedrooms in one and one bedroom in the other. There is a nice Varanda stretched around the entire length and breadth of the Mana. The single bed Mana has a varanda, and on both ends of the varanda there is a designated area to sit down, read or just relax. Both Manas have attics with a wooden staircase. On the back side of the Mana, down below is a vast resplendent rice field. The bedrooms are air conditioned.

Mana Features at a glance

Single bedded Mana.

  • Attached Bathroom
  • Large bed
  • Living room
  • Attic
  • Plunge Pool
  • A well is present; typical of all old Manas.
  • Air conditioned

3 bedded Mana

  • Bedrooms can be used for single occupancy, or get connected to accommodate larger groups.
  • 3 plunge pools
  • Attic
  • Air conditioned


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