Kerala’s Ayurvedic Spa

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  • 3 Jan 2015
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Kerala is one of those beautiful places in India that is always remembered with lush green landscapes and serene sunsets! With a long coastal line spanning over 700+ Kms on one side and the ravishing Western Ghats on the other, this land is indeed blessed with nature’s special touch. This small state located in a serene corner of India has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, hill stations, backwaters and everything one would look out for in the perfect holiday destination of their dreams. Kerala is well known among the tourists for its legacy Ayurveda. The best nature resorts in Kerala are very popular among tourists from across the world for rejuvenating Ayurvedic Spa treatments they offer. These revive and refresh the body and mind equally and have a holistic effect on the tourists. That’s why men and women of all ages from around the globe flock the resorts of Kerala.

What’s Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is considered one of the most ancient methods of treatment that was widely practiced in India since the ancient days. This 5000+ years old treatment method attracts many tourists to the state even during the digital age. In fact, you will find people flocking the state, finding the best budget resorts in Kerala during the monsoon season which is considered the best for Ayurvedic treatments. The treatments are based on symptoms though the current generation of Ayurvedic doctors also consider getting some basic allopathic tests done for the satisfaction of the patients. In Ayurveda, only organic materials are used for treating the patients, be it medications, oils, or scrubs. The medicines are made from the roots to leaves and seeds of plants and trees. Even grains and barks are used for various ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda follows a holistic method of treatment where the patient has to go through a long process of preparing for the treatment, actual treatment and then post treatment routines. A strict diet has to be followed to ensure that the treatment is effective. The climate, lifestyle and food are all equally critical to the healing process.

Kerala’s Own Ayurvedic Spa

Even though Ayurveda was practiced across India, Kerala is still the most popular place where people from across the globe come over for rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments. The state has some of the best resorts in Kerala for family that offers refreshing ayurvedic spas and treatments which is an added attraction to the Indian and foreign tourists. The tropical state has some of the most beautiful beaches, backwaters, hill stations, temples, churches, mosques, amusements, shopping centres and everything else that attract tourists who are on family holidays or on honeymoon trips.

Ayurvedic Spa is a speciality because of various reasons. It refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the body and mind equally. Natural oils and herbs are used for massage which in itself supplements the skin. Ayurvedic massages are done by qualified experts who offer refreshing massages that help the oil to penetrate into the body through skin, offering a rejuvenating experience. Kerala is well-known for its hygiene and hence, the spas here are quite popular among the tourists.

The Various Elements of Ayurvedic Spa

A typical Kerala Ayurvedic Spa treatment would involve massage with medicated natural oils and medicated scrub with natural elements. So, you can expect the following:

Invigorating Oil Massage

Medicated oils are used for the massage. The therapists are like sculptors, well-trained and gentle with your body. Sometimes, cloth pods are used with grains and pulses that help the massage and also help your body to assimilate the essential goodness in those grains.

Marmas & Chakras

The therapists know the marmas and chakras in detail and are very careful offering the right pressure at the right places. This results in complete relaxation of the body and mind.

Music & Mantra

Being a holistic treatment method, the ayurvedic massages are accompanied with chanting of mantras or soothing music that helps to heal the mind faster. You will be surprised to experience how well your body reacts to the background score.

Aromatic Fresh Flowers

Aroma plays a critical role in refreshing the body and mind. Fresh aromatic flowers and infused essential oils offer a heavenly ambiance with exotic fragrance which relaxes and heals.

The Goodness of Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic treatments are definitely a thing of luxury as the treatments need anywhere from a week to 4 weeks together to start showing effect on your body. You can still claim some benefits of Ayurveda by indulging in a Spa treatment which takes only a few hours. Since Ayurveda uses natural ingredients only for the entire treatment, it comes with no side effects. In fact, the oils have a soothing effect on the skin and body. The massage leaves your skin and body completely relaxed and refreshed. The oils penetrate into your skin, leaving it glowing naturally. It detoxifies and cleanses your skin. An Ayurvedic Spa at The Village Resort, Angamaly will be the perfect holiday gift you can offer your loved ones while in Kerala. Check out the special packages we have, especially tailored for you.

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