10 Experiences Not to Miss in Kerala

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  • 3 Jan 2015
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Kerala has earned a special place on the tourism map for various reasons. Some love the greenery and nature while some others indulge in the seafood and spa. For many, Kerala is a quiet getaway from the chaotic urban life. For some, it is God’s Own Country in every sense, offering the right mix of comfort and excitement of the perfect holiday experience. Here are 10 amazing experiences not to miss while you are at the best budget resort in Kerala:

Nature Walk

natural-walk When in Kerala, never miss an early morning walk in the nearby wilderness, beach or village pathways whichever you can access first. When at a resort that’s close to nature, you can definitely enjoy the fresh air and chirping birds accompany you for the walk. It’ll not only boost your energy but also your mood. The bonus is you can catch the sunrise through the coconut groves, picture perfect!

Kerala Sadhya

The coastal cuisine of Kerala is quite popular among the tourists who visit the state. Kerala is famous for its seafood, chicken, mutton, beef and pork varieties of food. But the real taste of Kerala can be relished only when you complete a Kerala Sadhya which is traditionally served on a two-fold plantain leaf. It’s an elaborate spread of 25+ dishes with rice, lentils, vegetarian dishes, papadams, chips, 4 types of pickles and 2 types of payasams (dessert). If you are a foodie exploring the best resorts in Kerala for family, you will thoroughly enjoy this lip-smacking spread that will tickle every palette.

Sunset at the Beach

The sunsets at Kerala’s beaches are serene and romantic. Whether you are on a family trip or enjoying your honeymoon, you must plan to spend an evening at a beach watching the most beautiful sunset. While at the most beautiful and popular nature resorts in Kerala, you can either plan a quiet evening at Cherai beach which is the nearest to The Village, Kerala or at the Fort Kochi beach enjoy the sunset. Keep your camera ready to click some memorable pictures to share with your friends and family.

Visiting Religious Destinations

Kerala is home to some of the most ancient temples, churches, and mosques. You will find some old Jewish synagogues, Jain temples and Gurudwaras scattered across the state that showcase the cosmopolitan nature of the people here. Many will be surprised to see temples, mosques and churches located facing each other much in harmony. In fact, religious festivities are all celebrated joyously by people belonging to all religions together. If you happen to be in Kerala around April-May, don’t miss the Trissur Pooram.

Live Performances

performance Kerala’s heritage includes Kathakali, Mohiniyattom and other elaborate and colourful performing arts that need years of training and practice to master. These are very colourful art forms and showcase the rich heritage of the epic traditions and values of India. Language should not be a barrier as Kathakali and Mohiniyattom are more focused on facial expressions, hand movements & postures called mudras. Just the fact that the Kathakali artist spends hours to complete his/her makeup and attire will give you an idea of the richness in the art form.

Sightseeing with a Local

The best way to explore a location is with a local. If you have a local friend or relative who can take you around in Kerala, you will figure out much more about the beautiful destinations hidden away in small villages and towns. Don’t miss out the local food and shopping joints! Most of the professionally managed resorts in Kerala will have their own local guides who accompany their guests for local sightseeing.

Fishing & Exotic Seafood

With a long coastal region that runs along the length of the state, fishing and seafood are definitely to be explored while in Kerala. There are beaches where tourists can try out the huge Chinese nets or you can even visit the aquafarms set up nearby some of the beaches. The nearest aquafarm to The Village Resort, Kerala is at Narakkal.

Backwater Cruise

backwater Kerala has quite a few rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beaches and backwaters. The houseboat cruise through the lush backwaters of Kerala is very popular among tourists. You can plan a day’s tour or an overnight stay on the traditional wooden houseboats adorned with Kerala’s own architecture and even enjoy the mouth-watering coastal cuisine. If you eat fish, you can plan to catch some fresh backwater fish and get it cooked by the cook on the boat and relish it while you enjoy the cruise.

Handicrafts Shopping

If you would love to take along Kerala’s own traditional artefacts as mementos of your visit, there are many beautiful wooden, metallic, cloths and spicy items you can. Kerala makes many artefacts and curios out of wood such as the Kathakali mask, figurines of performing art like Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Theyyam, Pulikali etc., miniature wooden boats such as houseboats and smaller valloms, elephant figurine, miniature of Chenda the popular percussion instrument used locally, and the likes. Do check out the wooden puzzles called “Edakoodam” that’s the local speciality. If you prefer a metal artefact, check out the Aranmula Mirror which is completely made of metal. The alloy mix used to make this all-metal mirror is a family secret. Aranmula Mirror comes in unique shape and in many sizes. Gifting an Aranmula Mirror is considered very auspicious and a symbol of pride and prosperity. You can also check out the brass lamps, measuring unit called “Para” and elephant figurines to buy from Kerala. Handlooms are another popular item on tourists’ shopping list. The coir and bamboo artefacts and carpets from coastal Allepey are also very popular. Kerala is well known for its flavourful spices. You can shop for exotic whole spices, essence or fragrances from spice vendors or directly from the Spices Board of Kerala.

Ayurvedic Spa

Vacations are to relax, unwind and detox! Kerala is the perfect destination for your holidays if you just want to escape from the daily chaos of your urban life and rejuvenate. The Ayurvedic Spa offered at the most popular resorts in Kerala are a must-try while you enjoy the goodness of God’s Own Country.

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