"Our goal is to recreate a model Kerala village that becomes an idyllic expression of peace and harmony that evokes the old village nostalgia, with undiluted compliance to modern conveniences.”

The Village Resort is envisioned and designed to serve a special purpose; to provide guests with an opportunity to experience the heavenly beauty of village life in all its exemplary tranquility. The glory of a fast diminishing lifestyle and ambience recreated and preserved to awaken sensibility.

In Kerala, the imagery and experiences traditionally associated with its villages have been slowly but steadily changing for the past two or three decades. Most villages have graduated to the position of larger towns. From the perspective of growth, urbanization of villages has been positive for the most part. But it has also adversely affected the traditional sight, sound, air and a unique lifestyle that could never be reversed. For example, in traditional villages people had more time for each other and they interacted frequently with ardent warmth and conviction. Those villages also had a simple and spontaneous picturesque quality that portrayed profound innocence. Villagers grew their own food grains and vegetables which were organic in nature. Now transformations have also taken place to the village landscape, infrastructure and architecture of the houses and buildings. The old bull carts that chugged along on unpaved roads making the mellow rhythmic clanging sound no longer exist, water drawn wells are becoming scarce, thatched houses are gone, golden hay stacked around trees to feed cattle once used to be landmarks of villages, the sight of the mother-hen and her chicks being protected by the majestic rooster are getting rare, the kerosene lantern that used to light-up village homes have now been replaced by LED lampsand unfortunately the list goes on.

‘The Village’ Resort tucked into a serene pocket of Mangattukara, Angamaly and spread across 15 acres of land is just 12 kilometers from the International Airport. It is dedicated to the true spirit and representation of a typical traditional village of Kerala. It is a pristine expanse of land that has been a village, and all efforts have been made now to retain the basic character of the village. Some additions are made to embellish the village concept, while staying in tune with modern conveniences. The Two ‘Manas’(a traditional Kerala house) that were already located here have been restored, a ‘Veedu’, and some cottages have been added at strategic locations to merge harmoniously with the given landscape. Fruit bearing trees and flora that are endemic to Kerala which existed here are well taken care of, and new ones are also planted. Produce from an organic vegetable garden is made available to our guests. Also, we have a conscientious system in place to promote eco-tourism and responsible tourism at all levels of operation.

We earnestly hope that this village of ours will help our guests re-live some of the lost village ambience of Kerala.